Why Use Dry Ice?

Why Use Dry Ice?

Because it is currently the only environmentally friendly way to clean industrial surfaces without abrasion or the use of chemical solvents.

Because the list of chemicals and solvents that cannot be used, or cannot be disposed of without costly restrictions, will increase.

Because production machinery and planning methods will improve the just in time capabilities of manufacturing plant, and on-line cleaning will be required to avoid costly cleaning stoppages.

Where to use Dry Ice?

On practically all surfaces that are strong enough to resist the forces applied to the surface by the impingement of the compressed air and the dry ice particles, and the sublimation force of the dry ice.

Where conventional cleaning causes unwanted changes to dimensions and surface finish.

Where conventional cleaning introduces unwanted moisture, chemical attack or is a safety hazard.


Price Good general purpose blasters can be purchased for less than £10K, and specialist machines go up to £50K and beyond. Choose a machine that will do your job with the lowest dry ice flow, as the dry ice is the major cost of cleaning.
Running Cost Where possible choose a blaster that will run on your shop compressed air system as using a stand alone Diesel compressor is more expensive.
Design Get some expert advice about the type of blaster that will suit your application. Avoid being talked into buying a top of the range machine for a simple easy job. We can help you make sensible decisions which will save you money and keep your dry ice bills reasonable.
Advice Our Engineers have designed and built equipment and have good practical experience. They only recommend dry ice blasting for applications that make economic sense.
Trials If you are not sure whether your application will work well with dry ice visit our test centre for advice and a free trial.
Maintenance Choose low maintenance equipment with easily sourced spare parts to ensure that the blaster does not stand idle awaiting the importation of specialist spare parts.
Supplies Dry Ice Network produces dry ice from certified food grade liquid CO2 in Leicester and supplies dry ice just in time to meet customer’s schedules to limit sublimation losses.
Care We care about our Customers and want you to be satisfied with our products and services. If you need information we will respond!