Dry Ice For Vaccine Transportation

Dry Ice Network- Keeping the Vaccine Cool

The Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine has now been approved for UK use. It has to be stored and distributed at -70°C which means that large amounts of dry ice will be needed to support the Cold Chain it uses to reach its point of use.

The Challenge

Our Challenge will be to produce a lot more dry ice that we currently make, and to get it to where it is needed quickly and reliably.
We have the equipment and resources to do this, and are already used to responding quickly to same day orders that are shipped immediately direct to the point of use.

The Plan

Dry Ice Network can increase its production capacity tomorrow by simply working more shifts. We can supply all our existing Customer’s orders and make at least 30 tonnes more per week if we get the liquid CO2 we need and a quick turnaround of the new containers we purchased end Nov.

The Solution

Contact us with your likely requirements so we can plan for the additional shifts and raw materials we need to make your Covid related deliveries. Our aim is to make them as smooth and reliable as the same day deliveries we are already well renowned for.

Dry Ice where you want it, when you want it.
Please call 0116 224 0072.