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din3000: The most powerful machine available with 3 different nozzle sizes making it adaptable for a wide range of working pressures ranging from aggressive 10 bar cleaning down to nonaggressive low pressure work.

din1000: This is a unique unit as it is a combination blaster able to operate with either wet or dry soda or dry ice media. It is small in size and portable making it ideal for restoration work where often very varied degrees of cleaning power are required. By switching from dry ice to soda within a couple of minutes, tough deposits can be tackled without the need to upgrade equipment or compressor capacity.

din500: This machine was developed for very light duties and has found its niche in the Valeting business. As we all know removing dust from all the nooks and crannies of a car interior is very difficult and time consuming. A quick waft over with a din500 and the job is done!

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Blaster Specifications

Blaster Name din500 din1000 din3000
Power Source Pneumatic Only Pneumatic Only Pneumatic Only
Dimensions L X W X H 200 x 200 x 410 600 x 400 x 450 760 x 360 x 640
Weight Empty (kg) 5 16 47
Hopper Capacity (kg Dry Ice) 0.6 2.5 16
Dry Ice Feed Rate (kg/h) 2 – 6 6 – 1 2 0 – 30
Dry Ice Pellet Size (mm dia) 1.5 – 3 1.5 – 3 3
Connection Size 1/4″ BSP (Female) 3/4″ BSP with quick fit adaptor 1″ BSP (male)
Air Consumption (cfm) 9 – 21 25 – 55 70 – 750
Blasting Pressure (bar) 1.5 – 8 3.5 – 8.5 4 – 10
Max Working Pressure (bar) 8 8.5 12
Air Supply Hose Not supplied 10 m x ¾” 10 m x 1″
Blast Hose Assembly 31 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 2.1m 40 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 5m 50 mm dia. sheathed bundle x 5m
Nozzle Type Right angled only Right angled only Right angled and straight
Nozzle Size(s) 8 mm 8 mm 250/500/750 cfm
Soda Dry & Soda Wet No Both options available No
Clearance Price £ 995.00 3450.00 5450.00


Add £500 to din1000 for adding Soda Option

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