Update on CO2 Prices and Availability for Period 17th to 21 Jan 2022 and beyond

I am pleased to report that LCO2 prices are beginning to stabilise, and although we cannot reduce prices for this week due to the cost of our current stock, we are planning to make a price reduction for orders placed for delivery in Week 4. A price reduction of at least 10% for dry ice deliveries commencing Jan 24th should be possible if the surcharge does not rise substantially at the next advice due on 21st Jan. As the surcharge system is planned to finish at the end of January all purchasers of LCO2, like ourselves, will be faced with a tough decision. This will be to decide whether to go onto the lower priced open market, assuming one develops, or stick with a contracted supplier capable of supplying when required. For us, that is not difficult decision as we will maintain our contracted supply source, which has proven to be the most reliable for continuous supplies since we first started manufacturing dry ice in 2008. My thanks for your business and support over these difficult unpredictable times.

Dry Ice Pellets

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Pellet Size

Which size of pellets is best for my application?

16 mm for Industrial Cooling, Fog Machines, Food and Drinks Trade and Events and Entertainment etc.

3 mm as a Mix in Coolant, for Medical & Research Work, Education, Transport etc.

If you are not sure all small orders up to 30 kg can by special reqest be sent out as two separate bags of each size to enable tests to be made.


Please pick a quantity of dry ice pellets. For advice about your needs please contact our team

Delivery Day

We can deliver on Weekdays or Saturdays, please select your specific delivery day on the checkout screen ( next working day is available up to 2pm on Fridays)

Next Day Delivery

We may be able to accommodate same day delivery. Please contact our team on 0116 224 0072

Product Information

Dry ice pellets have a surface temperature of -78.6 degrees C, so when they are fed into the insulated boxes we use for packing and despatch, the first thing to happen is that some of the ice will be used up to cool down the box. When the box is cold inside, but still at room temperature outside, heat will flow into the box and attempt to get the inside down to room temperature, so more ice will be used to absorb this heat. This process will continue until all the ice has been used up.

The time taken to use up all the dry ice by these processes will depend on:
– the insulating properties of the box material and its thickness
– the outside temperature
– the amount of ice in the box

To minimise losses we use a good quality thick walled Polybox which is chosen to balance cost against performance.

Box sizes: (external L x W x H mm)

Small 7 and 10kg 340 x 340 x 360
Medium 15 kg 450 x 450 x 380
Large 20 to 30kg 500 x 560 x 420

Average Losses: assuming the box remains closed and it is kept in a cool shady location.
D1 = Day 1 losses(kg), D2 = Day 2 losses(kg).

KG D1 D2
7 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, probably gone by Monday night
10 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, good for 5 kg Monday morning
15 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, good for 10 kg Monday morning
20 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, good for 14-15 kg on Monday
25 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, good for 19-20 kg on Monday
30 -2 -1.5 Ship Friday, good for 25 kg on Monday

If the whole box can go in a freezer, these times will be extended.
Losses will be slightly lower for 16 mm pellets.