Why use Dry Ice Network?

Dry Ice Network is a fast reliable Dry Ice Supplier, but can also provide information on the applications of dry ice including dry ice blast cleaning service through its ‘Network Contractors’. There is almost 30 years technical experience of dry ice within the company, which is almost as long as dry ice has been used a a cleaning medium and produced in bulk.

Why Use Dry Ice and Dry Ice Network?


  • It is currently the only environmentally friendly way to clean industrial surfaces without abrasion or the use of chemical solvents.
  • The list of chemicals and solvents that cannot be used, or cannot be disposed of without costly restrictions, is increasing.
  • Production machinery and planning methods are improving the just in time capabilities of manufacturing plant, and on-line cleaning will be required to avoid costly cleaning stoppages.
  • We have been in the dry ice business since 1995 and have experience of machine design and its use in many industrial applications.
  • We offer 3 low maintenance machines for sale or rental with purchase prices from £2.5K to £10K. All use less than 30 kg of dry ice per hour and can run off most shop compressed air systems.
  • Our experts can help you select the best machine for your application. Avoid being talked into spending up to £50K for all but the most high tech work. Also, don’t buy a machine that uses more than 30 kg /h of dry ice for general work because once you are set up the dry ice is a major part of the cleaning cost. Let us help you make sensible decisions which will save you money and keep your dry ice bills reasonable.
  • If one of our machines is damaged or fails in service we replace it within 24 hours of notice. Many imported machines have no UK based service operations.
  • We manufacture and deliver food grade dry ice to your order and make sure it arrives on your site fresh and when you need it. We can top up your needs on quick turnaround including same day supplies.
  • If you are not sure whether your application will work well with dry ice visit our test centre for advice and a free trial.
  • We care about our Customers and want you to be satisfied with our products and
    services. If you need information we will respond!