Contract Cleaning

Our Contract Cleaning Service is organised through a network of specialist contracting companies that we have worked with for many years.

Initially, they were customers for our dry ice, but we soon realised that it would be far better to pass on the physical job of doing the cleaning to the specialists we know, rather than trying to compete with our customers. Today we call our contractor customers our Network Contractors and we pass on to them all enquiries we receive for contract cleaning work. We usually pass the enquiries to the nearest contractor to the job site to keep travel costs down, but if the work is very specialist we will look for the technically best suited contractor.

When we pass a job to a Network Contractor you will receive a quotation direct from the contractor, and you then place your order direct with them. We do not get involved financially in the transaction. Our interest is supplying dry ice, and every contract placed by you to a Network Contractor is an order to us for dry ice.

Another advantage of our Network Contracting system is that many of the contractors are specialist companies with expertise in many other processes. This means that if dry ice is not the ideal solution for your job, the contractor will say so and give you other options that may be cheaper or more suitable for the application. We also make use of our Network Contractors when a customer is looking to rent our equipment, either for a short period, or for a difficult task. Hiring equipment out for less than a week is not economic, due to the costs of transport and training being the same for one day’s use or for a whole week, but a skilled contractor is often able to do one or even two days work for less than the cost of a weeks hire. If we see this to be the likely outcome when a customer asks for a rental quote we also recommend that he gets a price from one of our Network Contractors. Specialist contractors will always work faster than a newly trained novice hiring kit for the first time and also be better placed to resolve the tricky parts of the job that will inevitably  arise.

Please submit your rental and contracting enquiries to us with as much information as possible, ideally with photos. If we think contracting will be the better route for a rental enquiry we will let you know immediately.